Все работы veri good Профессиональная ориентация на уроке английского языка

Предлагается разработка материалов к уроку английского языка, посвященного профессиональной ориентации в непрофильном классе средней школы.
Познавательные цели:
1. Дать представление о конкретной профессиональной деятельности в Великобритании.
2. Пробудить интерес как к профессии, так и к стране изучаемого языка.
3. Ознакомить с профессиональными требованиями, трудностями в освоении профессии и преимуществами, которые она дает.
4. Сообщить о необходимых личностно-деловых качествах.
5. Ознакомить с перспективами профессионального роста.
Обучающие цели:
1. Активное усвоение профессиональной лексики и типовых структурных оборотов профессиональной речи.
2. Развитие навыков познавательного чтения.
Ход урока:
1. Работа со словарем специальных терминов.
2. Практическое усвоение новой лексики.
3. Чтение текста.
4. Обсуждение содержания текста. Беседа о профессии.
Special Terms:
1) employment – the state of being employed;
2) employment agencies – a business that makes its money by arranging for people opportunities to learn about different jobs;
3) management – the planning and direction of the operations of an organization;
4) bookkeeping – the systematic recording of financial information;
5) accountancy – the recording and examining all the business activities that can be expressed in monetary terms;
6) employment on a temporary basis – the state of being employed lasting only for a limited time;
7) employment on a permanent basis – the state of being employed lasting for a long time or for ever;
8) blue – chip companies – listed companies;
9) document layout – the planned arrangement of a document;
10) advertising – the business of making known to the public what is for sale and encouraging them to buy;
11) marketing – the various activities by which goods are advertised and seld.
Vocabulary Practice
1. What does the term employment mean?
2. What is the purpose of employment agencies?
3. What does the term management mean?
4. What does bookkeeping refer to? What term is used as an alternate?
5. What is the difference between the employment on a temporary basis and the employment on a permanent basis?
6. What is a blue-chip company?
7. What is a document layout?
8. What is a advertising?
9. What is a marketing?
With more school leavers going to university, graduates are finding it difficult to secure work in their area of specialization. This has led to increasing numbers seeking employment, either on a temporary or permanent basis, on other fields.
Many graduates see secretarial work as one which can offer several advantages. There are many employment agencies specializing in such work. They also provide a good way of gaining practical office experience. Secretarial work does give you the opportunity to earn money whilst you continue to apply for other jobs. It can also provide a route into specialist fields such as advertising and marketing.
Your first step in the secretarial career will be to gain the essential skills required. In the UK, there are many colleges and training companies offering secretarial programmes.
To begin with, what are the essential skills you need to develop? The minimum requirement for temps is a typing speed of 45 words per minute coupled with a good working knowledge of a wordprocessor.
With executive secretaries now achieving a better status and earning in excess of $ 25,000 per annum, some graduates may be actively seeking to follow a secretarial career. Obviously, training requirements in this case will be different.
When considering such a career, it is best to look for a course which will provide an excellent foundation in the technical skills, including in-depth training on various computer applications. Other skills such as time management, travel arrangements, business letter writing, document layouts, and practical bookkeeping or accountancy should also be included. A number of colleges in the UK provide suitable training programmes.
So what can you expect to achieve when you successfully complete your secretarial course? Employment agencies recommend that all graduates should spend a year on a temporary work before considering a permanent job. With this experience in hand, the blue chip companies offer the best career path.
1. What are the advantages of the secretarial work?
For your answer use:
a) many employment agencies specialize in providing a good way of gaining practical office experience.
b) short term secretarial assignments are relatively easy to find.
c) secretarial work gives you the opportunity to earn money whilst you continue to apply for other jobs.
d) it provides a route into specialist fields such as advertising and marketing.
2. Where can one get training in secretarial skills?
Use for your answer:
A number of colleges and training companies offer or provide suitable training programmes.
3. What skills are required for the executive secretary?
Use for your answer:
a) in-depth training on various computer applications;
b) time – management;
c) travel arrangements;
d) business letter writing;
e) document layouts;
f) practical bookkeeping;
g) accountancy.
4. What can a person expect to achieve when she successfully complete the secretarial course?
Use for your answer:
a) the best career path;
b) the blue chip companies.

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