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Three reasons to study in a profile class. Real stories of the Moscow 11th grade students

УГ - Москва, №35 от 29 августа 2017. Читать номер

​Kirill MODIN, pupil of an engineering class (Thanks to knowledge, gained in a profile class, I have created my own robot):

– I think that the main reason why school students should study in an engineering class, is, of course, obtaining new professional knowledge. I have learned a lot during a year of training in a profile class. But I still should learn so much in the 11th grade! I have got wide experience in programming and engineering. We work with various professional devices, we create our own projects. The new engineering equipment, thanks to which all of us can do it, came to our school. It is simply remarkable that all our scientific ideas can be implemented in a school class. Recently, together with schoolmates, I have made my own robot, and have programmed it. This robot is an all-terrain vehicle. It raises legs, and can overcome high obstacles. We have built it together from scratch. Without knowledge, gained in an engineering class, I couldn’t have done such work. In the 11th grade I will continue to improve my robot, and I hope that my invention will be appreciated by experts. Svetlana APRESYAN, schoolgirl of a medical class (Thanks to the studies in a profile class, I have learned to give first aid and to give injections):- During studies me and schoolmates were as volunteers in maternity hospital in summer. I helped doctors, performed simple work, communicated with patients. And then I understood that the most important reason why it is necessary to study in a medical class is understanding how much benefit I can bring to people. During two years of study in the medical class I have gained a lot of new knowledge. Our classes are fitted with the best equipment. Thanks to it we study medicine not only in the theory, but also in practice. Here is, for example, a Telementor. This equipment is destined for training medical skills: blood sampling, pulse measurement, injections. We were taught all this. Here, in the profile class, a pupil understands what waits for him further, at work, and becomes more confident and responsible. And it is one more reason to study in the medical class.

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