Честное слово, это последний кусок торта. Урок английского языка в 9 классе на тему «Healthy Habits. Полезные привычки».

Цели урока «Healthy Habits. Полезные привычки» – формировать и совершенствовать навыки использования в речи изученной лексики по теме, развивать у детей умения оперировать известными понятиями, составлять предложения с ранее изученной грамматической темой (условные предложения), развивать умение самостоятельно работать на уроке. Автор сценария Гульсина Мустафина работает в технологии индивидуализированного обучения Юрия Макарова.


«Английский в фокусе» для 9 класса  (“Spotlight”), авторы  Ю. Е. Ваулина, О. Е. Подоляко, Д. Дули, В. Эванс. М., 2009. Тема 7 с.

Оборудование: компьютеры, компьютерные тесты, разноуровневые карточки, карта достижений.

План урока во вложенном файле.

Ход урока

I.                   Организационный момент. Целеполагание.

Teacher: Hello, dear friends! I am glad to welcome you at our lesson. How are you? I am glad you are fine. Today we are going to continue our talk about our habits. We will also get acquainted with some new vocabulary  referring to food and eating habits. You will do tests during the lessons  to check your knowledge. And you will appreciate your results yourselves.

If you want to get a “5” you are to do all 6 tests

If you want to get a “4” you are to do 5 tests

If you want to get a “3” you are to do 3 tests

The chart (во вложенном файле).

2. Проверка домашнего задания.

Teacher: But first let’s check your homework. You were to make short presentations about healthy and unhealthy habits in our life.

Students demonstrate their presentations. The teacher corrects mistakes if there are any and gives comments.

3. Работа с ранее изученной лексикой.

Teacher: Now we are going to talk about our eating habits, about food, weight, what to do to stay fit.

Ex.3 p.112. Look at the words and fill in the sentences.

Ex.4 p.112. Match the words to make collocatins.

Ex.5 p.113. Choose the correct word.

4. Самостоятельная работа с новой лексикой.

Teacher: Let’s widen our knowledge of food words doing the following tasks. You will get papers with some groups of words easily confused. They have the explanations and you can write their translation if you want. Then you will do some exercises with these words. Ex.1 and ex.2 will be on the computers and ex.3 on individual cards. And your last task will be writing a short essay about healthy habits.  Do your best and try to finish all the exercises.

You will have 25 minutes to work.

Don’t forget to register your achievements in the chart. Good luck!

VI.             Рефлексия.

Teacher: You have done much hard work at the lesson and have learnt many new things. Let’s look at the register and analyze our achievements: 3 students have done 3 tests, 5 students have done 4 tests  and 2 students have done their best.  So you see that still there is much to be done. I thank you for the lesson and wish you every success in your studies.

VII.           Инднвидуальное домашнее задание по карточкам.

Teacher: If you want to improve your results you can take cards for homework.

Компьютерный тест 1(Vocabulary 1)

Choose the correct variant

1.                  I particularly like Mexican and Indian ….

1. kitchen

2. cuisine

2.   …fish is just as tasty as fresh fish.

1. frozen

2 .freezing

3.  My mum is the best… in the world!

1. cooker

2. cook

4.  When the… is boiled, pour the boiling water over the jelly cubes.

1. kettle

2. teapot

5.  Excuse me. Could we have the …, please?

1. catalogue

2. menu

6. Boil the eggs for three minutes in a saucepan on the ….


2. hob

7. Any meat that is kept in the… should  be first defrosted.

1. fridge

2. freezer

8.  Grandma is having her new… delivered next morning.

1. chef

2. cooker

9.  Let\’s get a Chinese… tonight.

1. takeaway

2. fast food

10.  …drinks are gassy because they have got carbon dioxide in them.

1. fizzy

2. soft

Компьютерный тест 2 (Vocabulary 2)

Choose the right variant

1.      There is a pack of…vegetables in the freezer, I think.

1. freezing

2. frozen

3. iced

4. icy

2.    There are no vegetarian dishes in the…

1. leaflet

2. brochure

3. catalogue

4. menu

3.   …the onions in cooking oil until they \’re golden brown.

1. boil

2. bake

3. fry

4. grill

4.     Pre-heat the…to 200°.

1. oven

2. kitchen

3. cuisine

4. cook

5.    Chilli con carne is one of my favourite… It\’s delicious!

1. plates

2. bowls

3. saucers

4. dishes

6.  Are you going to have your suit dry-cleaned for the Carton\’s …party tomorrow night?

1. breakfast

2. dinner

3. lunch

4. tea

7.   My friend Sally is true…,so she doesn\’t eat meat, fish or even any milk products like cheese!

1. vegetable

2. vegetarian

3. vegan

Vocabulary 3

Card 1

Continue to make sentences

1.      If you want to lose some weight

2.      If I were you

3.      First of all join

4.      If you went on a healthy diet

5.      Fruit and vegetables

6.      If she hadn’t feel tired

Card  2

1.      This is my last piece of cake! Tomorrow

2.      I joined a sport club and

3.      If you want to put on some weight

4.      You shouldn’t eat

5.      Jane is a vegetarian

6.      You are looking very

Card  3

1.      If I were you

2.      Fruit and vegetables

3.      Don’t go to

4.      Fizzy drinks

5.      Try to

6.      Exercises help us

Card  4

1.      …I would go on a diet.

2.      …a sport or an activity.

3.      …you can cut down on ….

4.      …is not very healthy.

5.      …he would have been stronger.

6.      …if you are hungry between meals.

Card  5

1.      To burn more calories

2.      Meat products

3.      If I were you

4.       Regular physical activities

5.      If she wanted to lose weight

6.      Dairy products help

Card  6

1.      If you had more fruit and vegetables

2.      Take up any

4.      …because they are rich in vitamins.

5.      …only healthy food.

6.      …so she doesn’t eat meat at all.

Card  7

1.      …and has lost 4 kilos.

2.      …I would take up a sport

3.      …fizzy drinks and fast food.

4.      Exercise helps us

5.      If she went on a diet

6.      If I were you

Card  8

1.      If you are on a diet

2.      …because they are rich in…

3.      Avoid all…

4.      …to cut down on…

5.      People who watch their weight

6.      Good nutrition

Words easily confused

1.                  chop – to cut smth such as food or wood into pieces (to chop some meat)

slice – to cut smth into flat pieces(to slice some bread)

grate – to rub food against a greater in order to cut into small pieces (to grate some cheese)

2.                  bake – to cook food such as bread and cakes in the oven(to bake a cake)

grill – to cook smth by putting it close to great heat (to grill sausages)

fry – to cook food in hot oil or fat (to fry onion)

roast – to cook meat or vegetables in the oven (to roast some chicken with potatoes)

boil – to cook smth in boiling water (to boil an egg)

3.                  cook – someone who cooks food (he is a cook)

cooker – a kitchen equipment that we use for cooking food (a new cooker)

chef – someone whose job is to cook food in a restaurant

4.                  oven – a large piece of equipment in a kitchen that you cook food in (preheat the oven to 200°)

grill – the part of a cooker where food is cooked under great heat

hob – the top part of a cooker that you put pans on.(put the kettle on the hob)

5.                  kitchen – a room where you cook and eat food

cuisine – a style of cooking (Thai cuisine)

6.                  lunch – a meal that you eat in the middle of the day.

dinner- the main meal of the day, usually eaten in the evening

7.                  plate- a flat round dish that you put food on (put some eggs on the plate)

bowl –  a round container that you use for eating, serving or preparing food (mix sugar and eggs  in a bowl)

saucer – a small flat round dish that you put a cup on

dish – food that has been coked in a particular way (vegetarian dishes)

8.                  vegetable- a part of a plant used for food (potato)

vegetarian – someone who chooses not to eat meat or fish

vegan – someone who chooses not to eat anything made from animals or fish (eggs, milk, cheese…)

9.                  fast food- food that is made and served very quickly

takeaway – a meal that you buy in a restaurant and take home to eat

10.              kettle – a container that is used for boiling water for tea.

teapot – a container that is used for making and pouring tea (put 3 teabags in the teapot)

11.              freezer – a large piece of electrical equipment that is used for freezing food

fridge – a piece of equipment that is used to store food at low temperatures

frozen – preserved by being made extremely cold and stored at a very low temperature

freezing – very cold

12.              soft drink – a cold drink that does not contain any alcohol

fizzy drink – a sweet drink without any alcohol that has bubbies(I don’t like fizzy drinks like lemonade)

13.               menu – a list of the food that is available in the restaurant(what’s on the menu?)

catalogue – a book that contains pictures of things that you can buy.

Гульсина Мустафина, учитель английского языка Татарской гимназии №2 имени Ш.Марджани Казани Республики Татарстан

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