Aids and materials: Student`s Book (Spotlight-6), Cassette, Additional Texts.


Pictures: Punch cards, video-player, cassette-recorder, video activity book, lesson plan.


I.                   Introduction

1.1 Greeting. Checking attendance               T-SS

1.2 Asking questions to a newcomer             SS-S

1.3 Presenting the theme of the lesson

            “Family Life”                                     T-SS

II.                Checking up the homework

“Family Life”


Some of the students speak about their family tree. They show the pictures of the tree. The rest of the students ask them questing to get more information.


III.             Listening and speaking

Listen to the dialogue then use the prompts to act out similar dialogues (Ex.2, p 8)


IV.              Phonetic drill. Listen and repeat (ex. 6, p.9)

Phonetic game (the students pronounce a word with the sounds [a:] or [з:] and get a card for each correct word. For 5 cards a pupil gets “5”.


V.                 Listening for specific information


Anticipated difficulties:

Look at the blackboard. Repeat it after me             T-SS




Listening and reading of the text for detailed understanding “Family Life”

Listen and underline the correct words (ex.22 p.32 Click on).



VI.              Checking the understanding of the text.

Now we will work with punch cards: Listen and tick (V) if you agree, and put (X) if you disagree:

1.1 Anna lives in a community (V)

1.2 A community is only one big house (X)

1.3 Lucy has lots of cousins she can play with (V)

1.4 Amfana is seven years old (X)

1.5 Amfana is from the USA (X)

1.6 Amfana likes playing football (X)

1.7 There are 4 people in Anna`s family (V)

2. Answer the questing (5 questions after the text):

2.1 How many people are there in Ana`s family?

2.2 Does Lucy have a large or a small family?

2.3 Amfana is 4 years old, isn`t he?

VII. Discussion: “The Advantages and Disadvantages of a large and a small family”

VIII. Conclusion “The pupils tell the teacher what they have learnt at the lesson”

IX. Hometask

            Ex. 1-4 (Workbook) (in written)

            Ex. 3 to learn the words for Quiz (Workbook)

X. Marks


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